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Your Social Media Following Is Huge Without A Website? You’re Losing Money and Credibility

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Your Social Media Following Is Huge Without A Website? You’re Losing Money and Credibility

That’s right, you’re losing monetary opportunities, and your credibility is seriously lacking. This is a hard truth that many artists have to deal with, but it’s an absolute. Think of it in terms of applying for a job. Would you apply for a job by sending an email to the company that you want to work for and simply say, “check out my Facebook link here”, and that’s it? Chances are you wouldn’t get the job and you’d be the laughing stock of the company for even sending an email. That may seem comical, but it’s exactly what it looks like when aspiring artists, musicians, and rappers have thousands of followers and friends on social media, but have no real website to back up their authority.

You Need A Website

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, and regardless of what you want to do with your career, you need a website if you’re going to enter the entertainment field. You will find that without a website, your brand, your image, and anything that you do looks amateur. There is no credibility, or authority when you don’t have a proper set up. Just think about a small business solution that doesn’t have the proper paperwork filed with their city, or tax set up, and you’ll see why a website is important. When you have a social media profile, you come across as an amateur, not a professional. The best artists in the world, even ones that made a huge killing on social networks, still have their brands fully rooted with a website, because it’s an anchor of authority and presence. That’s not going to change, no matter what the pundits say.

Get Set Up Fast

The problem many artists have is simple, they aren’t technically savvy and a social media profile is easy to set up. That’s true for the most part, but with modern technologies, and the right pieces in place, you will find that setting up a website is also easy. You could get tutorials through the Make Your Own Website e-course, for instance, and see that setting up a full-fledged website is easy.

Within a few minutes you could buy web hosting, get a WordPress installation done, set up a killer theme, and then learn how to update your site as easy as you update your status update. When you have a website, you not only gain credibility, but you also gain monetary exposure that will pay off dividends down the line.

The Full Picture 

If you want to succeed in the market place today, you will need to work with several different platforms and have them all structure your brand. Imagine your social media profile linked to a website, linked to a video marketing page, and linked to where people are going right now. If you build this firm foundation you will find that success finds you a lot faster than just focusing on 1 area of the internet. If you think that just having a lot of friends and followers via social media is the big picture, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You can rise to super stardom if you have the right elements in place, and that’s what a website allows you to do. It allows you to have an umbrella that will funnel money, traffic, and success your way.

Getting started is as easy as checking out PATV Media, and seeing how cheap hosting, a blog software set up and personalized them can build your brand and create serious market share on the fly. Skeptical? That’s ok, test the waters and see how your influence grows, you won’t regret it.