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Real Followers vs. Fake Followers: Social Media Credibility

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Real Followers vs. Fake Followers: Social Media Credibility

Are more likes always better than less likes? Not necessarily, and this is a very important lesson to learn in the early stages of Internet marketing. The Internet can allow indie artists, indie music artists, indie graphic designers and more to share their work with a much wider range of people than they ever have before. But it’s very important when designing a plan to reach out to those people to remember they have to be real fans to be useful.


You’ve probably seen them: often with a profile picture of a beautiful girl, you click on their timeline and something just seems fishy. They may only have a few vague pictures up, only a few friends, and they never seem to say anything on their status updates. Not only are they fake profiles, but they are used to catfish people and worst of all, they are spam profiles that can be detrimental to your own social media profile. These fake social media profiles are crawling all over Facebook, and it’s important to try your best to avoid them when you’re looking for fans and Facebook likes.


Buying Facebook Likes


One popular practice in Internet marketing is going through third party companies to purchase Facebook likes. This can be a very effective method of social networking for artists, because these companies can target people with interests that make them most likely to be interested in your work.


However, if you aren’t careful about the company you use, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for thousands of likes that won’t help brand building for music artists one bit. If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. A $100 package that offers 10,000 likes could very likely be providing you with mostly fake social media profiles, while a package that offers you 1,000 to a few thousand likes will probably provide you with genuine traffic.


Why Should I Care if My Likes are Fake?


What’s the big deal? Does it really matter if you have a bunch of fake profiles on your page?
There are a couple of reasons why you want to avoid this at all costs:


  1. It can look sketchy to your real fans and hurt credibility


If your fans are looking at your page and see that you have 10,000 likes, yet hardly anyone ever comments on your updates, don’t you think that looks a little strange? Someone who is a legitimate fan of your work may see this and be turned off by your indie music brand if they think you’re trying to buy likes.


2.  They just don’t do anything


No, it’s not worth it just to have the likes for show if they aren’t engaging with your Facebook page at all. That in and of itself is real pointless and counterproductive. You want to have likes that are real people that are actually sharing your posts and helping you advertise your brand for you. Fake profiles will get you nowhere in Internet marketing.