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As an entrepreneur things can get tough as you may not get much promotion or you're struggling to find who you are as creative artists, but with my blog you will have access to a great range of advice to help you progress to the next level and we are one of the biggest blogs for creative entrepreneurs online!

In addition to having access to helpful resources, we help to promote, or "sponsor" your social media accounts and website(s).

We help generate traffic needed for businesses and freelancers. If you are an independent brand, small business, indie music artist, graphic designer, startup company, blogger, or a person with a passion for a skill with a Facebook page or website - we want to help you!

DISCLAIMER: We're dedicated to promoting hard-working, talented artists and entrepreneurs ONLY. No hobbyists please. You must have work to display, whether it's music, art, products you sell, etc. Your works also must be of great quality and all submissions are accepted at my sole discretion.

Only clients who are serious about their craft/work and exude professionalism will be featured for the site and be promoted/marketed through other channels.

Having your own website isn't mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. This shows your professionalism and willingness to invest in your craft!

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