Free WordPress Installation Service


Installing and setting-up a WordPress site for you, for FREE! Sign up with GreenGeeks now!


WordPress is the world’s most popular and free website building tool that powers close to 75 million websites on the Internet. No matter what type of small business you run, you absolutely need a website. Studies have shown that 30% of small businesses that have a website generate more than 25% of their revenue from it.


Creating a website (or blog) is still something that is considered too expensive, difficult, complicated and time-consuming. Perhaps you’re a budding blogger, entrepreneur or internet marketer and need a bit of help with getting a WordPress blog created. You know you need a blog, but you don’t know how to go about setting one up, or you just don’t have the confidence to do it yourself.


Here’s the good news

Signing up with GreenGeeks can get one created for you ASAP! We will do it for you – for free!


We provide a free WordPress installation service to help bloggers, fellow small business owners, and individuals, get a WordPress powered website or blog started. You will own your own blog site with your own server. There will be no limitation to what you can do with it.


Does this sound complicated to you? Then let us do it for you, for free!


What do you get with us?

  • Open-source i.e. it’s free, meaning no on-going costs, software licenses, etc. 
  • Easy to learn, use and well supported 
  • Extendable, thanks to thousands of free themes and plugins 
  • SEO-friendly, fast loading and ready for the mobile web 
  • One of the most secure platforms you can choose to put your site on

Above all, you’ll be in good company because some of the world’s most famous brands also use WordPress to power their website or blog.


What’s the catch?

There’s got to be a catch! Because this sounds too good to be true, how can you do this for free when other freelancers out there charge at least a couple of hundred dollars to install and setup WordPress?


It’s very simple. We will install and setup WordPress at no cost to you, as long as you sign up for web hosting (+ you get a free domain name) through our affiliate link, GreenGeeks.


You sign up with GreenGeeks for web hosting for just a few dollars per month, besides you’ll need hosting anyway for your WordPress site and we earn a commission from the sign up.


It’s a win-win deal. You’ll get a professional WordPress site installed and set up, and we’ll earn a small commission for doing the work for you. If you need to get a free WordPress site installed for you, contact us by visiting our contact page.


What am I getting?

Here's a list of what you would get with this service...

  • Software installation i.e. the latest and most current version of WordPress
  • Your choice of free themes you'd like to have set up (6 of the most popular and current themes to choose from)
  • Plugins that enable social sharing (sharing your content through social media), photo gallery, and a contact form/email list signup form
  • 3 pages set up - home page, about page, and contact page (content you provide will be placed on these pages or if you don't have content, lorem ipsum filler content will be used)


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have web hosting?

In order to get this free service, you must sign up through our web hosting partner. No exceptions.

What if I already have a domain name?

You would need to change the name servers settings for your domain name wherever it's registered. This will need to be done if you don't want to receive a free domain name from our web hosting partner. If this sounds too complicated, we'd be glad to help in order to make this process simple.

What's not included?

Anything that was not mentioned on the list. The free WordPress installation service excludes any form of custom design, coding and content creation. If you'd like to have custom design, coding and/or content creation, then contact us for a quote on these services. Theme and plugin customization work is not included. Fonts and color changes as well as providing images/photos is also not included.

What if I want more than just 3 pages?

The first 3 pages are free. After that it is $99 per page.

What happens if I need help or some form of on-going maintenance for my website?

On-going maintenance and support isn't included in this service, but if this is something you would like to have done after your website is set up, then you can get in contact with us to inquire about the cost of website maintenance services.

How long does it take before my site is ready?

Three to seven business days (i.e. Monday - Friday). After you sign up with our web hosting partner, we would need full access to your web host control panel (also called cPanel) in order to work. The sooner all of your content is provided, the sooner the site will be done and ready to go.

Why should I use your service and will it be safe?

You should use this service because it's free! Tons of people are starting up businesses or wanting to start their own blog but either don't know where to start or are on a serious budget or both. This service is simply a jumpstart to getting your ideas out there and seeing a website or blog come to fruition. This service is 100% safe. Once you agree to take advantage of this offer, all we would need is access to your web host control panel. You would give us your login and password in order for us to get your website up and running. After the work is done, you're more than welcome to change all of your login(s) and password(s). Instructions can be given if this is something you would need assistance with.

This all sounds good, I'm ready. Where do we start?

Go to the Contact page and get in contact with us through there and we will instruct you on the what the next step will be.