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A Complete Guide to Being An Artistpreneur

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A Complete Guide to Being An Artistpreneur

Chase your dream! Or you’ll spend the rest of your life building the dreams of someone else.


Talent is good. Determination is better. Olympic champion gymnast, Gabby Douglas, spent her childhood practicing her gymnastic stunts 40 hours a week. Why? For the opportunity to represent her country at the international level at the Olympic Games. The same diligence and commitment is required to become an artistpreneur. Gabby worked to represent her homeland, however, your artistpreneurship represents you. Many different types of artists, especially the ndividuals entering the Indie music business, sometimes, overlook this key area of artistpreneurship, known as branding. This guide will analyze branding and the other areas essential to your artistpreneur success.



Artistpreneurs differ slightly from entrepreneurs. Artistpreneurs are not selling a product or a service (for the most part). They are marketing and selling themselves. This may sound harsh, and a bit controversial to some but it is true. When you choose to watch and listen to one indie music video over another it is because of your impression of and the relatability of that chosen singer to you. An artistpreneur, therefore, needs to ensure their personal brand is not only relatable, but also built on marketable qualities. For instance, some upcoming indie musicians and actors associate with charities, become the face of well-known established brands or parties as a promotional marketing strategy for their personal brand.


Accessibility & Social Media

Older indie artistpreneurs had a hard time staying relevant in the eyes of the public. They never had social media apps like Snapchat to build intimate relationships with their fans. Their FaceTime was real, physical face time. Their main means of fan interaction was actually going where the people were or having their music, graphic design, or other creative works constantly in the face of crowds. Now, every artistpreneur is expected to have regularly updated pages on all social media networks. Although, fans still expect a constant release of new creative content in addition to artistpreneur-fan meet and greets.


Creative Content Production

In being an indie music artist and artistpreneur, it is not only important to produce your own music and music videos. You need to create a website. An online space where fans and followers can get behind the scenes looks into music video creation, peeks into the studio and stuff like that. Especially when your career is new and fresh people want to get to know you. Additionally, it a precautionary step against being a “one hit wonder”. Once you have a dedicated fan base even if everyone is not familiar with your latest creative works you can be sure of some amount of sales or attention. These loyal supporters will be the on the ground lip service your business will need to build traction for your brand and music.


Closing Remarks…….

Good indie music and other creative works will sell them themselves. But, this takes time! Sometimes, you wonder why your artistpreneur business is not receiving enough attention – well you probably need to shape up your brand and marketing. Marketing can be expensive but with social media, it does not have to be. Hope you found our artistpreneur tips helpful.