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Why Artists Need to Be Blogging

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Why Artists Need to Be Blogging

Whether it be video blogging and/or blogging through your website, as an artist it is crucial nowadays to post blogs. People are online a lot and with so many blogs sites out there, people are constantly reading blogs. Blogs are the new newspaper/magazine/journal/diary. People refer to blogs for info, advice, gossip, entertainment, etc. In the online world, it has become a way of life to be honest with you.


So with all that being said, it is important that professional artists, especially the artists’ who are on their grind and are moving independently, to do blogs. I know a good amount of indie artists out there aren’t too crazy about typing up blogs and posting them up because either they just don’t like to type like that or they just don’t have the time or energy to be consistent in posting content online. If this is the case, then if you’re working with a team of people who are helping to push your music, then hiring someone else to do your blogs for you might be the route you’ll want to go. If written blogs get to be too much, then doing video blogs is an alternative.


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Video blogs are a great way to go because people like to watch videos (YouTube isn’t one of the top most visited sites for no reason) and video blogs are also a little bit more engaging and interactive on a personal level. Instead of reading what someone wrote, you can just look at the person and listen to what they say right then and there. Some people respond to videos better than reading a written blog on a website. For example, when fans see a video blog from one of their favorite musicians, it speaks volumes because that musician took time to record themselves in a recording session, doing a show, goofing off, updating his/her fans on things going on in his/her life and upcoming events, etc. This shows fans that you’re taking the initiative to show how much you appreciate them.


Blogging is also important for search-engine optimization (SEO) benefits, monetization (getting money), promoting your music, getting more traffic to your website, and helping you and your fans keep track of your career. Blogs are another way for musicians to let their voice be heard. If the content is interesting enough, it’ll keep fans and potential fans coming back to your website more.