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Artistpreneur Spotlight – Phoenix Dawn, Artist | Graphic Designer | Photographer

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Artistpreneur Spotlight – Phoenix Dawn, Artist | Graphic Designer | Photographer

Phoenix Dawn is a blossoming artist, graphic designer, and photographer who also dabbles in creative writing. She adopted the name “Human Art and Photography” after she created her signature and logo from her photo “Believe”. After graduating from Wasatch Academy she has moved on to study Graphic Design in the College of Business and Digital Communication Arts in the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University… Click Here To Learn More About Phoenix Dawn



1.) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a professional artist, freelance designer, and current student at Oregon State University. On a personal level, I grew up in a small town in Oregon, I love fishing, and I have a personal love for the emotions that can be expressed through eyes alone. On a more professional level, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I enjoy trying to find ways to monetize my passion. I have a strong belief that if a person devotes themselves to their passion, so much as to become one of the best at what they do, that people will seek them out and pay them to do what they are passionate about. This belief has come together for me in many ways, from designing a brewery logo, to getting my photography on the cover of Eros and Dust by award-winning author Trebor Healey. I am constantly looking to develop my skills and passions, and I use my fashion choices as part of my brand. From my colorful hair to my signature “Moon Boots”, I try to reflect my quirky spirit and unique design view. I like to seek out interesting people in my life, and because of it I’m enriched. 
2.) How would you describe “Human Art and Photography” in under a few words?
Human Art and Photography, both a part of my signature as an artist and my goals as a designer, is a start up company I am developing as a freelance designer and emerging artist. Human Art and Photography offers services like cover design, brand development, professional photography, illustration, and fine art prints. 
3.) Do you feel that you are in competition with anyone or anything? If so, how are you able to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
As a startup, I do not feel as if I am a strong competitor yet. I am sure I will make myself into more of a force to be reckoned with once I graduate in a year and I can focus on my company. However, from a summer internship in New York at the Mahlstedt Gallery, I have a strong edge when it comes to business management and web marketing. Beyond that, I have earned a reputation among my peers and supervisors as an excellent worker that can accomplish complex tasks and create streamlined designs extremely quickly. My dedication to excellence is my best feature, and because of this I stand out from my competitors. Beyond that, I have a unique voice when it comes to my design and artwork, and this voice helps me to speak to the needs of my clients in a way that accomplishes their goals and promotes their vision. 
4.) Why should a potential client work with you instead of them?
The main reason that a client should choose me over a competing designer or artist is because when they work with me, they are working with someone who is passionate, dedicated, and communicative. I have extensive successful experience working remotely, which gives me an edge over many people that need face to face contact to accomplish graphic design goals. Additionally, I hope that my clients will enjoy working with me as we work together to reach their photography, design, home decor, or illustration goals. 
5.) What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to start a business venture?
For those of you out there looking to start a business venture, I have a few tips. First, choose something that you are passionate about. It is hard to put your heart into something that may be difficult to develop if you don’t love it. Second, research. Find the need, find something you notice is missing in everyday life that would improve the human experience. Those are the things that are booming on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, ect. Finally, customer service matters. How you treat people, both clients and not, will affect whether or not you get referrals, and if you are able to successfully network. Networking is key, if people know what you are passionate about, they will tell their friends about it. So treat people well, and especially treat your customer’s well if you want to succeed.
6.) What are some things that most people don’t know about being in the creative industry?
People will try to get you to do things for free if you are in the creative industry. Don’t undervalue yourself. But that’s something most everyone has experienced… Something that is tough to find out about the creative industry is the effort. As designers and artists, we put our heart into our work. This can make it hard if something gets harshly criticized. I think the main thing that people don’t notice about the creative industry is that you can put a lot of work and heart into a design and it still might not make the final cut. Another design might be chosen over yours, despite all your time and effort. This is simply a fact, it is important that it doesn’t keep you from pursuing new opportunities to flourish.
7.) Where do you see yourself professionally (or creatively) in the next 5 years?
I have three dreams. If I could be anything, I would want to be a travel photographer and journalist for National Geographic. On a more realistic level though, I expect that I will be a part of a book cover design firm, hopefully bringing the vision of talented authors to life, with my freelance work booming on the side. Third, I would like to be a published author myself, but that’s another story. 
8.) Any last words or final thoughts?
If anyone is interested in learning more about me and my work, visit my website 
You can find limited edition fine art prints of my work sold by the Mahlstedt Gallery in New York:


Human Art and Photography (Official website)

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