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Artistpreneur Spotlight – Artist Reach, Professional Artist Development | Elite Music Industry Services


artist-reach-3-pngCompany: Artist Reach. Professional Artist Development & Elite Music Industry Services run and operated by Pro Musicians only. We utilize our high profile industry connections to get the Artist in question to the next level in their Music Career, while creating new ones. We’ve built a massive network all over social media, and have had grants from Sony, SOCAN, and Comcast.


1.) It’s known that artist development is a thing of the past in the music industry. Do you think artist development is something that today’s industry needs?
It’s always been part of musicianship whether an artist recognizes it or not; past, present, and especially future. It’s the molding of an artist, coming out of your shell, and finding your niche; your strengths, weaknesses, and your persona altogether. It comes in many forms, is developed in the industry differently among each artist, and isn’t just needed, but in my opinion, is mandatory and something that happens whether you realize it or not. And that, in my opinion, is also the beauty of Artist Development; it tends to happen naturally.


2.) What services does your company provide for an artist that would ensure that an artist is able to have a successful career in the music industry?
The fact that we are not a company of some college grads with music business/arts degrees or people that specialize in just a couple small areas. We are dynamically and passionately run by Professional hands-on-experienced Multi-Musicians/Songwriters that have been in this Industry for a long, long time in many fields throughout the changes and evolution of the industry as the years pass. So we know this industry inside and out; onstage and offstage. We’ve learned and experienced strictly in a DIY manner.


And I believe the best way to learn about the dynamics of getting the experience to succeed is to get hands-on. Never toured? Book one. Never put out a CD? Save some money and book studio time. There are components to doing these things wisely…that’s why you have a company like us. We can tell you where the do’s and don’ts are. We’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did. Stuff like that. There’s a huge world to it. But simply, if it doesn’t have anything to do with backup dancing, pyrotechnics or doing makeup…we can provide you with almost any service career-wise, performance-related, tour/show booking, music lessons, marketing, graphic design, and lots more to get you on the right path, tie up loose ends, or fill in the gaps that may be needed in your career. No matter the level of experience or exposure.


3.) Unfortunately the music industry is full of talented individuals who just don’t get any recognition for their talent and/or work. Is there anything you plan to do to change that?
That’s exactly what we do now. One of the many things. We as a Company have studied the dynamics of DIY promotion, fan engagement, and reaching new audiences. We actually hold a reputation for giving high results by using the methods we do. I can’t say I’m willing to share every secret right now in this interview (lol) but you can read our company Reviews on our Facebook page or the recommendations on my personal LinkedIn to see what some of our clients say about our work with helping them in the aspect of getting them a wider fan base.


4.) Do you think that the traditional music industry model as we know it is dead? Why or why not?
I don’t think they’re necessarily dead, I’d say they’ve evolved. There are more tools at our disposal. And if you want to yield the best results by using these tools, you have to master them; understand them, and utilize them in ways that are most effective. Read articles that talk about the pros and cons of these resources. Experiment with different methods and explore all angles on how you can bring more fresh ideas to the industry, as opposed to potentially harming it with more scams and “cheat” methods.


5.) How do you think the internet and social media affected the music industry and how musicians are able to market themselves?
It’s controversial, but like said before, has also opened many doors to reach audiences. While it is something that can be over-saturated with every band auto-messaging you to check out their music and hit LIKE on their Facebook page, I think the best part is it helps support the DIY pursuit where you can build your own following. There are so many effective ways to do it. But again, read articles, and again, don’t give away secrets!


6.) Social media is obviously an extremely important element in today’s world, especially when it comes to business, branding, marketing, etc. With that being said, do you think an artist will be able to survive in today’s music industry if they’re not social media savvy?
I think their survival is crucial with their ability to make use of Social Media. It’s another specialty Artist Reach offers in our services section. Will they survive without being savvy? Probably not very well. At least not far beyond their hometown and circle of friends. Word-of-mouth promotion is still a very traditionally great way to get your name out, but Social Media, like said, will let the word travel far and fast if you know how to Market and Present yourself.


7.) What made you want to get involved with the music business in the first place? 
Simply, by becoming a musician myself first. And I realized with anything that there’s a difference between learning something, or mastering it. With music being not only my biggest skill but also my first and biggest love, I chose master it. I wanted to know music, in all forms, in all its entirety. I became completely head over heals and smitten with music when I first started pounding on my dad’s drumset that sat in our living room. Then picked up four more instruments. You get the idea. This was apparent from the beginning that music wasn’t just gonna be some hobby for me.


8.) Whether or not artist development is to ever become a part of the music industry again, how do you plan to make sure your company stays at the forefront of helping artists market their music and build a self-sustaining career in today’s music industry?
Artist Development is something that’s personal among every Artist. I think by us providing elite services AS Professional Musicians ourselves gives us the credibility of knowing what we are doing, and doing it at highly advanced levels. Results are another thing you need to stay in the forefront. That’s why we have a review section on our Facebook page. So that way we can give the customer or artist some references. Also, try to get as much publicity as possible. Make appearances on Podcasts, Interviews; get reviewed, rated, recommended, etc. Any way to Market your results. Show Artists out there that you are the real deal. It’s worked for us beautifully so far.




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