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About PATV Media

The building of a brand takes the right amount of careful planning and creativity in order to be effective. You’ve come to the right place for your brand building needs, whether you’re looking for information on indie business promotions, indie music marketing, freelance consultancy marketing or marketing campaigns.  PATV (Powerful Artistic Truth Vision) Media is a one-stop, conveniently online, brand building consultancy, where you can get products and services for marketing campaigns. PATV Media is also an online resource that gives independent brands, small business owners, indie music artists, graphic designers, startup companies and other independent businesses access to the tools needed to successfully self-promote their projects and ideas. There is no other indie marketing resource that possesses the technique and skill that PATV Media does.

PATV Media is dedicated to providing you with state of the art design and media skills to bring you the most quality results possible. When you have an indie startup business idea, you want to ensure that your marketing campaigns are effective at promoting your brand. If you need help with things like promoting your indie music projects, promoting an indie book or even designing the look of your brand, you’ve come to the right place. The main focus of PATV Media is to show others how to become successful at being a self-sustaining, independent brand, whether you’re an indie music artist, small business owner or freelance consultant.

PATV Media is here to take your ideas and bring your vision to life with unique design solutions at an affordable rate. Whether it’s Pat or other talented artists who are assigned to your project, PATV Media allows Pat to leverage a team that consists of graphic designers, web programmers, and marketing specialists who will gladly provide the time, energy, dedication and skill needed to create the project of your dreams.

Meet Pat Fraser

A diversely experienced and accomplished musical craftsman, actor, graphic designer and artistic entrepreneurship guru with over 15 years of achieving record-high customer satisfaction rankings, improvements to the bottom line and turnaround of underperforming operations. I use a strategic and innovative ROI-based approach to improve customer experience, business performance and ensure efficient resource management. 

As a bold, visionary and innovative leader, my main focus is to show others how to become successful at being a self-sustaining, independent brand, whether you’re an indie music artist, small business owner or freelance consultant. My strengths include Entrepreneurship, Brand Identity, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design (using WordPress), Social Media Management, Business Growth, and Resource Maximization.

The foundation of my knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship comes from my studies at Towson University where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. After mastering the art of graphic design, I leveraged my knack for creative artistry and adaptable mentality to perfect other art forms, such as acting, music production, internet marketing, public relations and brand building. 

My long-term goal is to leverage arts, digital marketing, business intelligence, advanced analytics, consumer and social media insights to reposition businesses for rapid growth.

If you are interested in knowing how I can help you build your brand, maximize your marketing investment and achieve measurable business results, please connect with me.

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